Learning on the job from the best

HighFive offers two basic forms of coaching to individuals and to groups (teams).

  • Face to face coaching
  • Distance coaching (tele & e-coaching, e-mail coaching)

The most powerful form of coaching is in a face to face context. Distance coaching is facilitated by technology using telephone (tele-coaching) or the internet (e-coaching and e-mail coaching).

Face to face coaching is often used to support an individual when applying the skills that have been developed in classroom training in the daily job. This guarantees not only that the employee actually uses the techniques, but also that he delivers a successful exercise. A typical example is the development of a full Category Management Plan, or a complete Sourcing Process.

Distance coaching often supplements face-to-face coaching and can be used when face-to-face coaching becomes difficult due to timing or geographic separation. Distance coaching can be organised through the internet (synchronous interaction using videoconferencing features of the Internet, Skype or Microsoft Office Applications), or simply via email (asynchronous distance coaching using Microsoft Office applications).