Performance Management Consulting


HighFive team members are specialists in Supply Performance Management.

Performance management is a method designed to identify the ways to achieve organizational goals through constant assessment and feedback leading to improvement of employee and department performance. Performance management, unlike the performance appraisal or annual evaluation process, is an ongoing assessment of employees, processes, department, business units, etc. in a manner geared to match their own goals to the organizational goals. It also makes strong use of goal-setting and metrics to identify progress and areas of individual strengths.

Based on best practice research and extensive project experience from some major companies in business we work on any aspect of supply performance management.
Typical assignments include:

  • Analysing, benchmarking and optimising existing performance management approaches
  • Developing Performance Management systems to translate customer SLA’s into internal KPI sets
  • Designing and implementing supplier performance management systems
  • Developing purchasing performance management frameworks
  • Creating Balanced Scorecards Systems and Strategy Maps
  • Visualising and reporting performance through performance reports and dashboards
  • Delivering in-house training programs and coaching on any aspect of Supply Management Performance
  • Aligning people performance with corporate performance
  • Aligning department performance with corporate performance
  • Setting up and training in-house performance management and business intelligence teams
  • Helping to create a performance focused culture
  • Implementing the principles of a high performing organisation

“Performance management is an essential approach to improve effectiveness in business. Measuring performances it the only way to get an idea of actual efficiency and to find the way up the ladder towards best-of-breed.”
Philip Meyers, Founder of HighFive

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