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TOOLBOX: Project Management for Purchasing professionals

Type(s): In house training, Toolbox training

Target group(s): Logistic specialists, Non-buyers, Occasional buyers, Professional Purchasers

An introduction to Professional Project Management for buyers who work with projects


This training is designed for buyers who are part of a project team or who must lead projects themselves.
Often buyers are a member of a team that is responsible for the delivery of a project. The purchasing process is part of a professional project management methodology but is often is unknown to buyers. On the other hand, project managers often have no idea about the possibilities and limitations of the common purchasing techniques.
This training wants to explain some basic concepts of professional project management to buyers in order for them to manage their supporting role with maximum efficiency, and be stronger in a negotiation with a supplier who is responsible for the delivery of a project.

Target group

  • Junior Buyers …
  • Senior Buyers …
  • Purchasing managers …

… who often work with projects.


After this training buyers will understand the basic concepts of project management. They will be able to speak the project management language and even manage (small) projects, for example within the purchasing environment.




  • Definitions
  • The triple constraint
  • The different project processes and how they interact

Project Plan

  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • The critical path

Project monitoring

  • Change Management
  • The Earned Value method (introduction)


Case study

An extensive example that illustrates the concepts.


Participants will develop their own project plan during this training.