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OPEN TRAINING: Negotiations with Suppliers for Buyers

Type(s): In house training, Open training

Target group(s): Professional Purchasers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

Duration: 1 day

Making sure to come well prepared at the negotiation table


No role play in this training! We think that attitude at the negotiation table is the result of an extended experience. This cannot be learned during a few minutes of role play. Preparation, on the other hand, is something everybody can do. Good preparation makes 90% of the success of a negotiation.

During this training participants will learn how to prepare and conduct a basic negotiation. It is our belief that no negotiation can end in a positive result if the negotiator is not well prepared. This training focuses on a detailed, thorough preparation of the negotiation. All possible aspects will have to be looked at.

After explaining the fundamentals of negotiations, we will explain how to analyse positions: what is the basic strategy? Where is the balance of power? What are possible tactis, and which one do we choose?
Next topic: What are the mutual objectives, and how far can we go? What can we give in, and what do we want?
Who are we (team roles, etc)? Preparing the location.
Who are they? The other’s financial situation, the culture, the negotiator’s experience and personality, etc.
A unique HighFive checklist will help to finalise the preparation.

Target Group

Junior Buyers
Senior Buyers
Purchasing Analysts
Purchasing Managers
Any employee who is responsible for managing suppliers
Any employee who wants to feel more confident during negotiations


This training focuses on basic negotiations and is a prerequisite to become a professional negotiator. After this training, participants will feel more confident when they have to negotiate with a supplier, or a customer, or a colleague, ….


Key concepts of a negotiation: LAA, MDO, BATNA
Setting targets
Team roles

Analyzing the positions
Matrix of Kraljic
Supplier preference matrix
Power of Balance

Negotiation tactics
An overview and brief explanation of possible negotiation tactics

More information
Who are we?
Who are they?
Financial analysis
The negotiation room

The preparation checklist
Using the checklist to prepare a negotiation