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TOOLBOX: Preparing negotiations with suppliers

Type(s): Toolbox training

Target group(s): Logistic specialists, Non-buyers, Occasional buyers, Project Managers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

Duration: 03:00 u

Make sure to come well prepared to the negotiation table



No role play in this training. We are convinced that success at the negotiation table is the result of a thorough preparation.

You will not learn to negotiate during a half hour exercise. Preparing, is something you can learn. Everybody can do it! If you know that 90% of the success of a negotiation depends on the preparation… 

During this training we will explain participants how to prepare for a normal supplier negotiation. We start with the basics: How to determine our position? What’s the supplier’s position? What are possible tactics, and how to choose the right one? Of course we will focus on our objectives, and the supplier’s objectives. 

Everything will be registered in a HighFive checklist

Target group

  • Junior buyers
  • Senior buyers
  • Purchasing analysts
  • Purchasing Managers
  • SLA-managers
  • Everybody who has to negotiate with suppliers from time to time
  • Everybody who wants to increase their confidence before entering into a negotiation



  • Basic concepts: LAA, MDO, BATNA
  • Setting objectives
  • Team roles

Analysing positions

  • The Kraljic matrix
  • The supplier preference matrix
  • The Balance of Power


  • Possible tactics to choose from
  • Tactics & techniques that must be avoided


  • About the price
  • About payment terms

The checklist



During the training many examples will be shown to illustrate the process.