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TOOLBOX: Making a professional Request for Quotation

Type(s): In house training, Toolbox training

Target group(s): Occasional buyers, Professional Purchasers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

Duration: 03:30 u

Making sure to get all the necessary information when asking quotations from suppliers


Very often it is a long, complex, and even painful process to compare offers received after sending a Request for Proposal (RFP) to several suppliers. Very often this is because we didn’t ask the right questions!

During this training, we will explain what the components are of a professional RFP: Contract template, SOW, SLA, General Terms and Conditions, Contract template, Price grid, …
Participants will receive a xls-template showing how to create their own price grid. Moreover, participants will receive more templates to help them create contracts, SLA’s, KPI’s, GTC’s, …

The objective is to make sure that suppliers send answers that make it easier to compare and provide the necessary elements to prepare the negotiations

Participants must have a basic knowledge of MS Excel: using formulas, formats, …

Target Group

  • Occasional buyers
  • Junior Buyers
  • Senior Buyers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Category Managers


After this training, participants will be able to use the templates to create a professional Request for Quotation


  • Where it all starts: The sourcing process
  • The difference: RFQ – RFP
  • Elements composing a professional RFQ:
    • Contract template
    • Service level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators
    • Statement of Work
    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Price grid

Making a price grid using MS Excel elements: protected worksheets, etc.

Case study

A complete case that shows the complete RFQ


Participants will use the templates and start creating their own RFQ