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TOOLBOX: Comparing Complex Offers

Type(s): In house training, Toolbox training

Target group(s): Occasional buyers, Professional Purchasers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

Duration: 03:30 u

Some techniques to ensure a rational comparison of different offers from several suppliers


Very often it is a long, complex, and even painful process to compare offers received after sending a Request for Proposal (RFP) to several suppliers, because suppliers tend to use their own templates and methods to present their offers. Hence, comparing becomes difficult, if not nearly impossible.

During this training, we will explain how to set up a professional comparison of different proposals. Participants will receive a template showing how to score offers on Technical aspects (E.g. by the internal customer) and how to score offers on Commercial aspects.

The result will be an overall score and ranking for every individual offer.

Participants must have a basic knowledge of MS Excel: using formulas, formats, …

Target Group

  • Occasional buyers
  • Junior Buyers
  • Senior Buyers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Category Managers


After this training, participants will be able to use the template to create a professional comparison of supplier proposals. Final result will be a ranked list of proposals making a final decision easier.


  • Comparing Offers
  • Making a summary
  • Using Conditional Formatting to highlight necessary aspects: best price, …
  • Using the template to compare complex offers
  • Scoring technical aspects
  • Scoring Commercial aspects
  • The summary: final score and rank
Case study

A comprehensive case that shows the complete comparison process


Participants will use the templates and start creating their own offer comparison