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OPEN TRAINING: Purchasing scan and annual action Plan

Type(s): In house training, Open training

Target group(s): Professional Purchasers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

Duration: 1 day

Ensure the evolution of the Purchasing Department by setting annual targets




In every company it is a common practice to have a Sales Plan, a Production Plan, a Financial Plan, etc. But do we also make a Purchasing Plan?

This training will provide the attendees with a framework to assess the current situation, analyze the desired status, and set up a project plan with concrete actions that will realize that future level of the Purchasing Function. The training includes dos and don’ts for the communication and for the final presentation, as well as some guidelines on how to gain buy-in and support from the internal customers.

The necessary templates for the plan and the final presentation will be provided on a USB-stick for later use.

Target Group

  • Purchasing Managers
  • Purchasing Directors
  • Any employee who is responsible for the Purchasing Improvement Plan


After this training, participants will be able to do the necessary analyses and draw conclusions in order to compose their own Purchasing Action Plan that must lift the Purchasing Function to a higher level within the company.


The situation “AS IS”
  • Spend analysis

How to conduct a quantitative analysis and identify opportunities for improvement

  • The Purchasing Development model

How to estimate where we are on Van Weele’s Purchasing Development Model and what it means for further improvement

  • The 360° screening
    • (Senior) Management: the bosses
    • Peers: the other departments, our internal customers
    • Employees: ourselves
    • Suppliers: our partners

How to conduct interviews and how to make a qualitative analysis of the actual situation.

The situation “TO BE”
  • The Benchmarks
  • The Company’s vision and strategy
  • The other plans: Sales, Production, Finance, …
  • The Purchasing Strategy
  • Where do we want to be on the Purchasing Development model?
  • What are the expectations of the internal customers?
    • Input from Sales
    • Input from Production
    • Input from Finance
    • Input from other stakeholders
Giving the Purchasing function the place it deserves
  • Selling the Value of Procurement
  • Influencing the stakeholders
The Roadmap for the Future
  • Brainstorming of improvement actions
  • Grouping improvement actions into Improvement Projects
  • Prioritizing the Improvement Projects
  • The Project sheet
  • The Project Plan
  • Communication and Presentation


Participants who attended to this training and start working on their Purchasing Action Plan may require some coaching from the trainer. Highfive is available to provide such coaching by the trainer or by other Purchasing Professionals.