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TOOLBOX: What’s purchasing all about?

Type(s): In house training, Toolbox training

Target group(s): Logistic specialists, Non-buyers, Occasional buyers, Project Managers

Trainer(s): Philip Meyers

An introduction to purchasing for non-buyers. Working with Purchasing without being a buyer.



 This is a training for awareness of employees outside of Purchasing, who often have little understanding of how Purchasing works, what the added value is and how they should interact with the Purchasing Department.


Target Group

Any employee who is not and will not be part of the Purchasing Department, but has more or less frequent contacts with the Purchasing Function.



After this training, employees will better understand what Purchasing is all about. They will understand “the Purchasing Language” and will understand why Purchasing Professionals are asking some questions, and will give better answers.
This training will help to improve the relationship between the Purchasing Employees and the rest of the company, and will increase the buy-in of the Purchasing department and their activities.




Purchasing and the interaction with other functions

  • Du Pont
  • Purchasing Development model
  • Trends in Purchasing
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Purchasing
  • Strategic Purchasing: Kraljic
  • Operational Purchasing: The 3-way match

Tactical Purchasing: The Sourcing Process

  • Specifications
  • Request For Information (RFI)
  • Request For Proposal or Quotation (FRP & RFQ)
  • Supplier selection: comparing offers
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • The Contract & Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Vendor Management
Case study

A comprehensive case that shows the complete process


Participants will use start creating their own communications plan using the elements of the training