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Anything you want to learn in the field of Supply Management, we certainly have the right course for you. 

HighFive design, develop and deliver a wide range of open and tailor-made training and development solutions in all aspects of Supply Management for large and mid-size corporations and public sector organisations. Our extensive course directory is based on the vast experience of our team members and covers several domains including, but not limited to, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management programs. We also offer training in the field of general business, interpersonal skills, project management, etc.

Some course take an entire day to complete: thorough, calm and comprehensive.  Sometimes we do it in one condensed evening: one subject, no lunch, no nonsense. That’s for the hands-on topics.

The company courses are all based on these programs. Only: you have complete freedom to choose the topics you really want to be discussed during an in house event.


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TOOLBOX: Project Management for Purchasing professionals

An introduction to Professional Project Management for buyers who work with projects

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TOOLBOX: Preparing negotiations with suppliers

Make sure to come well prepared to the negotiation table

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TOOLBOX: What’s going on in a buyer’s mind?

An introduction to purchasing for sellers.

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OPEN TRAINING: Supply Chain Management: The essentials

Introduction to Supply Chain Management for career starters

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TOOLBOX: Making a professional Request for Quotation

Making sure to get all the necessary information when asking quotations from suppliers

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TOOLBOX: What’s purchasing all about?

An introduction to purchasing for non-buyers. Working with Purchasing without being a buyer.

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TOOLBOX: Purchasing for Project Managers

Do’s and don’ts to successfully manage purchases for large projects.

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OPEN TRAINING: Negotiations with Suppliers for Buyers

Making sure to come well prepared at the negotiation table

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TOOLBOX: Finance for Buyers

An Introduction to the analysis of financial statements for Purchasing Professionals

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TOOLBOX: Comparing Complex Offers

Some techniques to ensure a rational comparison of different offers from several suppliers

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OPEN TRAINING: Category Strategy Plans

Making sure to master all the aspects of a Purchasing Category

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OPEN TRAINING: Purchasing scan and annual action Plan

Ensure the evolution of the Purchasing Department by setting annual targets

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