Training negotiation techniques: 5 tips


Thanks to a training negotiation techniques, you start well-prepared for negotiations with your suppliers. Our 5 tips will help you get an end. Successful negotiators are the master in playing their negotiating partners. They take […]

Buyers Need a Few Good Suppliers


Many companies reduce their number of suppliers to cut materials costs, but that is not the only benefit of doing business with a smaller number of suppliers. The idea of supply base rationalization is to […]

Key Performance Indicators


Performance Management is what organisations do to become more successful and stay ahead of their competitors. In fact, managing performance is THE most critical task of any manager or executive. Challenges for Procurement Rising pressure […]

Performance Management Consulting


HighFive team members are specialists in Supply Performance Management. Performance management is a method designed to identify the ways to achieve organizational goals through constant assessment and feedback leading to improvement of employee and department […]

The missing link


In this worksheet you will find a collection of links to Supply Management related information and services on the internet. The links have been sorted into tabs to help you find what you are looking […]